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In a world where technology and cyber security change daily, You DON’T Need another thing to worry about. You NEED Addorio Technologies Improving Your Technology, Securing Your Systems, Protecting Yo
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While specific results cannot be guaranteed there have been several studies showing beneficial results from the ionic detox system. A 2002 study by Doctor's data in St. Charles, IL showed an average increase in toxic metals found in the foot basin from nine independent sessions. The metals found in the basin after detoxing included: copper, aluminum, lead, iron, manganese, antimony, and cadmium.
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Chimera Design is a full service jewelry store in Lowell since 2002. We offer jewelry repair, watch battery replacement, jewelry appraisals, & custom jewelry. Repairs are done in house.
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Water Fire Smoke and Mold, if any of these are affecting You, You need to call us...616-527-5470
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